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General Diovan Information for Patients

Diovan is an effective medication that belongs to a class of drugs called angiotensin II receptor antagonists. It works by keeping blood vessels from narrowing, thus, improving the blood flow and lowering blood pressure. Doctors prescribe this medicine to treat hypertension in adult patients and kids who are over six years old. Sometimes, people take Diovan to treat heart failure and decrease a risk of death after having a heart attack. You can use it with other blood pressure meds.

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Important Diovan Precautions

It’s not allowed to start this treatment if you’re pregnant. Stop taking this medication and call your doctor, because it may cause harm to unborn babies, especially during the second and third trimesters. In rare cases, the intake of Diovan may lead to the condition that causes kidney failure. Go to the hospital once you start experiencing such troubling symptoms as:
  • Unexplained muscle weakness, tenderness, and pain;
  • Unusual tiredness and fever;
  • Dark-colored urine.
If you have diabetes, don’t take this drug along with other meds that contain aliskiren. To ensure that the use of Diovan is safe for you, inform doctors about any other health conditions that you have, such as:
  • Allergic reactions;
  • Kidney and liver problems;
  • Dehydration;
  • Heart conditions;
  • Being on any low-salt diet.
It’s not precisely known if Diovan passes into breast milk or causes harm to nursing babies, so be careful with its intake. This medicine is not intended to be taken by children who are less than six years old.

How to Use Diovan Correctly

Take this medication according to the prescription given by your physician and follow directions on the label. Your dosage can be changed to get the best results. It’s not allowed to use Diovan in higher doses or for longer than needed. Take your regular dose with or without food, at the same time every day. You may end up with very low blood pressure when undergoing this treatment. Go to the hospital if you feel sick and experience diarrhea, increased sweating and vomiting. Check your blood pressure and kidney function on a regular basis. It may take a few weeks to bring blood pressure under control, but inform doctors if your condition doesn’t improve after one month.

Take a missed Diovan dose as soon as you remember, but skip it if it’s almost the time for the next one. Drinking alcoholic beverages may further lower the blood pressure and increase possible side effects. Don’t take salt substitutes and potassium supplements without consulting doctors when undergoing this treatment. Don’t get up too fast from any lying or sitting position to avoid a risk of dizziness and falling.

Diovan Side Effects

In rare cases, the intake of Diovan may lead to kidney failure. Go to the hospital if you experience such symptoms as:
  • Unexplained muscle pain, weakness, and tenderness;
  • Unusual tiredness, dark urine, and fever.
Get emergency medical help when you develop any signs of allergies, including swelling, hives, and difficulty breathing. Stop taking this medicine and call your physician if you have the following severe side effects:
  • Little or no urination;
  • Shortness of breath;
  • Fast weight gain and swelling;
  • Chest fluttering and pounding heartbeats;
  • Confusion and increased thirst;
  • Unusual weakness and loss of appetite;
  • Severe vomiting and lightheadedness;
  • Weak pulse and slow heart rates;
  • Tingling and muscle weakness.
The intake of Diovan may cause mild side effects, and the most common ones include:
  • New flu symptoms;
  • Dizziness and headaches;
  • Tired feeling and diarrhea;
  • Back and joint pain;
  • Stomach pain and coughing.
If any of them get worse, contact your doctor at once.

Dangerous Drug Interactions

Avoid drug interactions that can be critical, because they affect the way Diovan works and increase your risk of severe side effects, tell doctors about any other meds that you’re using, especially:
  • Water pills or diuretics;
  • Lithium and rifampin;
  • NSAIDs and ritonavir.
Other drugs may potentially interact with Diovan, so you need to make a list of other meds that you’re taking, including herbal supplements, minerals and vitamins, prescription and OTC drugs.

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